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#Retrofuture EP

by Brace Saga

  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    They want something real? For real? This is a copy of #RETROFUTURE EP, unopened in DigiPak. If you would like an autographed version, it won't be shrink-wrapped for obvious reasons. The physical CD has 3 bonus tracks.

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Badder 02:25
I be missing sleep, boy don’t I know it? Cause I chase my dreams with my eyes open My vision so clear at this point in my life I could parallel park this bitch blindfolded, skirp Homie said it’s time we was high rollers And wasn’t he right? Enough of the funny shit Ain’t nothing personal, no more spending I’m trying to have friends I make money with Who wants it badder? Who want’s it badder? She climbs in my lap as I’m climbing this corporate ladder (wait what were you saying?) Who wants it badder? Don’t you want to matter? You talking excuses I’m taking these chances Enough of yo chatter Who wants it badder? Who wants it badder? I’m a survivor. Homie I’ll manage Ay Who wants it badder? Who wants it badder? They call it a floor I call it a ceiling It’s time that it shattered Who wants it badder? Who wants it badder? Yo ain’t got a single song ready for mix Talking bout some who wants to battle? I wanna live it, and you wanna Fanta…… Size bout if you gone get it, between me and average guys is the difference They get it and spend it, I’m playing to win it I’m trying to get it, and not have to lend it You keeping me broke dog, how the fuck is this friendship? You should take notes dog, I’m finna do business You thinking we similar, dog are you serious? I’m making moves while you pray for a sign I have no limiter, check your altimeter I’m a be flying, yo, I’ma be fine You’d think I took limitless, nah I’m meticulous That means all I had took was my time Some chick just told me to hold her I told her to just hold my interests….. sigh…… Hook
I’m from a city where nurses get on, ride around in they Hondas Then they get mad at the dude that they fond of, they let drive they Honda Be careful the people you slide with, some of em could be anacondas The neighbors are nightmares, and the people are monsters The churches by bars so we hiccupping Christians But for the right price, we ain’t really religious, is us? With this many fine single moms on the wishlist, I put it this way, if she wants the wood, then she’ll do the dishes I’m from a city where all of the thots ain’t partial to thought Where all of the law is martial in art, every corners a court I told my boys when we did this thing just play y’all part And we might not finish school, but we’ll finish what we start Now can you imagine the saint amongst sinners? I hang with the best of em If they don’t like what you just said I’m sorry, they might shoot the messenger When I first left, they felt truth in a defecit What they gone do when I’m so out this world that my view is indefinite? If you do not get the trophy, you cannot come home Come home, come home, come home, come home Then I told my city to fuck with me Because we finta be on, be on, be on, beyond (Refrain) (Bridge) in the 4-1-oh not long ago, a pretty young thing caught my eye I pulled up in the coupe to see her She said some shit like “Who’s this car?” I do not live with my moms I’m from west, she from south…. That’s…. too….. far. I’m from a city where if I’ma chase ass I be like naaaaaah, you should just go get a day pass Or maybe cabfare depending the time you trying to stay pass Cause everybody like “Yo is We rolling” until it’s with they gas Now who gonna do it like me? It would take a suicide bomber Like Osama to put a nigga like me on blast Now let me break it down so it’s clear nigga, I’ma put us on the map. You are here nigga. Hook Just a thought in the back of my mind, they throw up the signs of the times And I got to thinking, it’s crazy, I’m from the catch you from the trap But how are my people still trapped by design? Food for thought, you know
SpaceTIME 03:40
Through space and time, I’m so glad that you found me baby Through space and time, I’m glad we crossed these boundaries Oh what a waste, of my time, all those drinks I was drowning maybe Today, this time, let’s change our surroundings Can we go? You know, can we go? Can we take this show on the road? Ya know And even if we don’t leave, could we stay here and grow? I don’t know baby I was hoping you might because Hook Well alright there, hold on baby All I know, is I don’t wanna hear no Gimme my space, no gimme some time You need to make up your mind baby Or twenty years from now, you’ll wish that you did Bridge Oh… you think it’s a joke? A joke? What if you’re what I need but not what I want? So what is your type? What is my font? What if you change? What if I won’t? Damned if you do, damned if you don’t Through space, and time,, close encounters and contacts maybe I’d say some lines like I send a signal you’ll call back And I’d be like well hey, well hey, well hey, you made it this far in a day Well hey, if you come in peace you can stay In here…. Here we are, a long ways from home, and we’re not alone Hook Bridge two There’ll be other songs to sing, another fall another spring But there will never be another you, you, you, YOU Other broads and other flings, what have I wrought what does this bring? It’s everything but nothing new, there can never be another you I penciled you in on the star date, I put the right code in the stargate See I know that’s a bit of a farscape, or maybe crossed like the star fates We could find a home where the stars stay, or we might live out a guitar case It might be true that they love you, but who been in love with you always?
#RetroFuture 03:07
I was born in 1984, it still feels like 1984 I’m on my way back home, I got my name back home I had a dame I love, but ain’t a single thing change back home I gotta make it to the top. I gotta take that home I gotta make a hundred stops. I gotta make that known And ain’t nothing funny bout it, gotta break that bone So I don’t have to take a job just to pay back loans My dad said when you drop this EP, won’t you please come correct? Even haters can’t façade like they seem unimpressed If you think Kanye a dick, you ain’t seen nothing yet I be acting like a douche and ain’t achieve nothing yet, RETROFUTURE (Time travel sequence instead of hook) Song picks up at verse one. I was born in 1984, it still feels like 1984 I’m on my way upstate, where my kind they take Where we stay so long, cause we stayed out late On the outside place, from the grind they make Through the laws they shaped, from the lives they break Ain’t been free in so long, finally found me a place I’m chilling right now, but nowhere is safe My girl said when you drop this EP, won’t you please come correct? Oh my God what you ain’t know? They ain’t conceive such a threat If you think Kanye a dick, you ain’t seen nothing yet I be acting like the shit and ain’t achieve nothing yet, RETROFUTURE Hook You gotta live it like you living to the limits Like you don’t get to do this all the time, ALL THE TIME Ain’t no limits when you risk it, now you finally are living Like you driven to get what your heart desire, push rewind RETROFUTURE But there’s no going back…. I was born in 1984, it still feels like 1984
Police State 02:34
Flashing lights stay behind me, I’m riding dirty don’t remind me And if looks could kill at this intersection, I just hopped out with the Tommy We had locked us but we blinded, and the quota albeit timely She wants someone to say mommy, but that badge ain’t honored or honest I pulled into this gas station, that On The Go when I’m grimy The sirens flashed, she asked what’s the rush, I looked at her and said grinding She said, “I should cuff your ass”, but her watchdog just said timing You might catch me another time, until then I’m still riding She acts like on this road of life my vehicle is stolen And I got a trunk full of stolen hearts I gotta move for they broken She said she know what I’m packing, she wants me to hand it over Without a warrant, no warranty, how much does a young life go fa nigga? You gotta give up the straps But what do I get back? You gotta give us trust But when did I get that? Cameras watching from every angle so the sheep feel safe Lights everywhere in the police state And them flashing lights stay behind me, my passenger she all jumpy Young black man in the media, the subject matter so touchy My foot on the gas, my eyes on the stash, I can’t let this crash so don’t rush me There’s an accident right beside me, first to the scene said you busted Yelling “You cuffed me!” yelling “I’ll kill you! How could you do this? knowing I’m trusting!” I don’t know what side of your head you fell on I know my rights I tell nothing She had me charged for contraband, slinging an illegal substance Which isn’t so bad except that the cravings made this substance her sustenance She acts like on this road of life my vehicle is stolen And I got a trunk full of dope bass and the shop I run ain’t closing She’s claiming probable cause, but can’t put a face to the motive Can’t make it stick so I might get killed, how much does a young life go for nigga! Hook (Character in song is killed by police during hook) And them flashing lights stay behind me……
Colors, colors…. Colors! Before this drug shit, we lived and died by our colors Colors, colors…. Colors! Before this gang shit, we lived and died by our colors Fresh after serving in wartime, America more like Apartheid No welcome home for the veterans, the superheroes with a dark side I work on my aim till I’m sick with it, talks over peace are fictitious Zimmerman got a not guilty, so I’m up and down 436 with it Now maybe you people ain’t listening, justice just never existed Or maybe my life has no meaning, cause really you just don’t give a shit The sideways remarks of aggression, maybe that’ll teach them a lesson Community leaders they reneged, and then side with our oppressors Now how’s that for an impression? Please just turn the other cheek And you’ll live to beg another week, bitch I’m glad I brought this protection Cause when this powder keg pops off, confetti will not be the action They always put bullets in kings….. but never hit Jesse Jackson Hook Gotta dig deep, really not plenty of fish when you in shits creek And you better not get leak, they said they build a bridge to the other side Was like fuck em cause the cliff steep, then jumped the guns with a big leap When you have a dream, they tend to kill sheep Which is a shame cause half of my people aren’t dreaming, but they still sleep Would you please come out from amongst them? Ain’t it hard that we don’t have a culture? Niggas don’t got nothing in common….. don’t step to me like I’m conquered We kill our own cause of hatred, which you can place back in the 80s You can put all that thanks onto Reagan, cause crack was the forefront of bangin And when white folks shoot some kid and it makes the news, he wasn’t a gangsta Or you’d be dead and we’d be saying (saying) damn that kid was a gangsta Before the bloods, before the crips, it was all of not, we ain’t call the cops Because they wouldn’t help, we policed ourselves and called the shots And lift the fist for our colors Hook
Oh yeah, I let the beat go, we take a shot, the bartender reloads A bunch of cats had been taking shots at the broads Bums throwing bricks off the free throw, you know The whole nonsense and the weak flow Cause the BS game requires cheat codes And this place look something like a creepshow Probably should be at home getting sleep though We see some girls be all sour, they don’t do sugar Well shoot, I’d settle for some sweet low We keep it on the need know, but really ain’t we old For one night stands and night stand leave notes? So what’s good? I want it peaceful I told her we could go half on a sequel And I can teach you anything that a geek knows I mean, I’m in the market for an equal, just sayin Ay, I let the beat go, She say I’m the type she don’t wanna see go And now she sprung so she can’t let the d go My hand to God, it’s messing with my ego, we like Ay, I let the beat go What you got on tap? Can I get a repour? Then we like hey, what you got on tap in here? We’ll switch up the atmosphere Ay…. So my brothers like….. cause they be loving life If we had some real rap in here, it might switch up the atmosphere Ay…. So then the ladies like,….. cause they in love with life If they had some real men in here, then you might get some rap in here Well damn, I mean you acting like that up in front of me But baby girl, your booty so big, have a couple seats Really you ain’t notice this flow was my cup of tea You should be happy to be in my company, because I Ain’t just talking, I actually did it They be talking, but who’s actually different In the club for tonight, they might put up a fight I might fall in love, but you won’t catch me slipping Don’t dos it, it’s no losing, me I’m dope music, and hope moving I am in the building like home improvements They still tripping, it was all-inclusive, oh I didn’t see you there, were you still hating? I want results and I’m still waiting I generate the voice that voice my generation You can say what you will, but they gonna say that I made it, ay Hook Ay…. So my brothers like….. cause they be loving life If they let us keep our dads in here, might’ve switched up the last ten years Ay…. So then the ladies like,….. cause they in love with life If they let us bring class in here, might’ve switched up the last then years Then we all was like Ay….. cause then we all was like hey Don’t forget to strut for me girl And they all got along, cause that’s the best ending
Happy People 03:45
Devil in the details, God is in the works From the race TV told y’all was the worse Got foreclosed and then yo just moved That’s his grandmomma house, he just fixed the roof To keep the rain from turning her stuff into soup Bank resold it, that’s what they do To children, parents are a concept of god So the street became the church of the fatherless cause We work hard, get nowhere, always trying to get there For the life of me I don’t know why, none of the pieces go there Some piece of shit job to bottleneck in the middle Cause they don’t have pensions, there’s no where to get to You sit in middle management, wasting your potential And still sitting there cause the rent due Between balancing motherhood that’s a full time job And balancing books at her full time job Just being a woman is a full time job But I’m proud of my sister, she’s come so far Is this enough? Brother, is this all? Is it too much? Sister, well did he call? And me and my mom are talking now We went over the edge, dad talked it now Now we got so much to talk about Like I’m working on this thing to make you proud Well maybe not proud, maybe make us rich Dig our bloodline out the economic ditch I’m just working on this script to give God a pitch And if he say action we rolling without a hitch As I left on that train, nothing else they could do for me The people who I was used to who we were using me Finally let me go and let loose of me, beautifully executed I couldn’t hang around, no noose for me Now everything that I do’s my aunt’s eulogy And to the girl who held me down, how happy we were We broke up, I’m like what have we her I hate the fact that now I’m much happy-er And she isn’t much happier, I’m asking Do I deserve to be happy, am I good people Did the world just reward good with evil I see so many solutions like the good sequel I can’t make it big and let the hood keep you On the other side of the world, some kid lost an arm You pissed cause you lost your phone I just took a nap in a bed Someone just lost their home Do I deserve to be happy, am I good people Did the law just make the truth illegal I see solutions in the world’s woes Just someone that the youth speak to Someone lost it all, a millionaire Someone lost his leg, he in a wheelchair Two kids one snack, one says we’ll share But what’s in it for me then a weird stare Do I deserve to be happy, am I good people Didn’t I too contribute to the world’s evils Do I deserve to have a smile in my heart A song in my stride, to walk with pride Plus I’m old, I remember when that shit was trees Can’t be asking my folks for money or weed I got goals, and I had to dig deep Cause a seed unplanted will never be a tree I wanna get old, and die old and gray Not boring or nothing, you know in my sleep Like the way God intended living thousands of days Before I lay my head down I pray Do I deserve to be happy, am I good people Cause there is none righteous out of you people It’s always something with you people.... It’s always something to you people


#Retrofuture EP is an alternative hip-hop project inspired by theatre cabaret and modern events to eventually be shaped into an over-the-top Hood Musical. Containing outlandish musical numbers such as the 1945 alien song "SpaceTime", the cowboy negro spiritual "RetroFuture", and the chilling love/hate relationship song "Police State", this was an effort to take hip-hop artistry and test its limits, while maintaining a level of entertainment and social responsibility. This project drops Aug 18th, with pre-release orders available from August 4th on. The pre-release contains 3 bonus tracks not available on the original.


released August 18, 2015

Exectuive Producer: Brace Saga
Lead Musician: Antoine Hart of iHeart Media Inc.
Antoine Hart assisted with the production of the first 8 tracks, giving them a studio level
SpaceTime's vocals were tuned by Richie Acevedo of DOA Music Group.
UnTil It Gets Old was produced by Robert Little.


all rights reserved



Brace Saga Baltimore, Maryland

I'm glad you listened. Because i really wanted to talk to you about some real shit.

That's my bio.


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